KAZ Surveying

Frequently Asked Questions

A person may have occasion to employ a Land Surveyor only a few times in a lifetime. Since such employment is so infrequent, the average person is not aware of the logical steps to be followed when employing a Land Surveyor.
To help you to know the steps to follow, the answers to a few common questions are contained herein.

What is a Land Surveyor?

A Professional Land Surveyor is a person who is qualified by education and experience, and who has passed an examination for licensure required by the State of Texas to practice Land Surveying in Texas.

When might I need a Survey?

When buying or selling land, the location of which is not clearly defined on the ground.
Before land is divided.
If a lending institution requires a survey.
If a line or corner is not defined.
Before building close to a line.
Before a lot is conveyed from a larger tract.
Before developing the property.
When you believe someone has built on your property.

How much will a Survey cost?

Fees of Surveyors are on a level with other professions. The Surveyor's fees are dependent upon the size of the tract and other factors including, the terrain and vegetation, accessibility, and if reliable survey monuments exist in the area. Therefore, the surveyors will estimate the approximate of the survey for you prior to commencing the work. However, do not depend on the lowest priced survey to be the best survey. Obtain the services of a reputable Surveyor.

What can a Surveyor do for me?

Advise you whether you need a survey or not.
Examine your deed and adjoining deeds for problems.
Find and mark corners and property lines.
Establish new corners and property lines.
Survey subdivisions.
Make contour maps.
Cooperate with your attorney, title insurer, realtor, banker, architect, and engineer.
Locate improvements such as: wells, buildings, fences, right-of-ways, encroachments, etc.
Appear in court as an expert witness.

What does the Surveyor need from me?

The more information you can furnish the Surveyor, the more you may expedite the Surveyor's work.<
Such information includes:

  • The purpose of the survey.
  • A copy of your legal description from a reliable source.
  • Location of any known property corners.
  • Information about adjoining land owners.
  • Information about disagreements over corners and lines.
  • Agreement as to who pays and when

What should I receive from the Professional Land Surveyor?

Plat or plats showing all desired information.